Have you ever imagined a slower-paced yet still fulfilling lifestyle? Do you dream of the serenity of rural nature yet still appreciate being surrounded by all the amenities and activities you could ever need? If this way of living is calling you, then come and enjoy the Destination Nackawic lifestyle! Keep reading to learn more about what our beautiful region has to offer.  

Get A Lay of the Destination Nackawic Land  

The Destination Nackawic region is located in the center of New Brunswick, Canada and is a nature-lovers paradise. The region is situated along the bank of the beautiful Saint John River (Mactaquac Lake) which spans several rural communities including Nackawic, Millville, Southampton, Dumfries, Prince William, Queensbury, Bright, Meductic, Canterbury, Kingsclear, Keswick, and Mactaquac. Destination Nackawic’s easy access to the Trans-Canada highway is convenient for coming and going, while the Mactaquac Lake Loop Scenic Drive through Routes 102 and 105 is an idyllic way to tour our region. No matter where you are in the Destination Nackawic region, you will surely be surrounded by nature’s beauty and all it has to offer. With the Saint John River and Mactaquac Lake being the focal points of our region, you can enjoy all sorts of water activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, canoeing and kayaking. There are also many lovely walking trails throughout that are perfect for hikes, biking or just taking a leisurely stroll. Keep reading to learn more about what the Destination Nackawic lifestyle has to offer.   

Activities That Make Up the Destination Nackawic Lifestyle   

Being located amongst so much nature is one of the best things about the Destination Nackawic region as it provides a plethora of outdoor activities that will keep you active, entertained, and fulfilled. Discover people’s favourite things to do in the Destination Nackawic region below! 

Scenic & Accessible Golfing  

The Destination Nackawic region is lucky to be home to two beautiful golf courses. The Mactaquac Golf Course is a scenic 18-hole course with fairways carved into 7,030 yards of New Brunswick forest. It offers a series of unique challenges for golfers and is also a part of the Mactaquac Provincial Park, offering convenient access to amenities and accommodations. Meanwhile, the Nackawic Golf & Country Club is a true hidden gem in Destination Nackawic. It offers 9 unique holes through a tree-lined course. It also holds a reputation for having beautifully maintained fairways and greens, even during the start of the golf season in early Spring. After a day spent at either of these diverse fairways, you will be able to reflect on two of the most beautiful and accessible golf courses in all of New Brunswick.   

Fishing Paradise  

The Destination Nackawic region waters are a dream come true for fishing fanatics. The region is situated on the Saint John River and Mactaquac Lake, both are known as being some of the top angling destinations in the country. Fishermen travel from across the world to experience some of the best fishing waters in all of Canada. Not only can you fish for fun and leisure in the Destination Nackawic region but there are also several sport-fishing tournaments and derbies you can compete in. There’s no doubt that anglers of all skill levels will be kept entertained here. Fishing is known to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. Plus, it’s a great low-impact workout that engages several muscles, further improving your balance, concentration and overall health. Once you experience fishing in Destination Nackawic, you might want it to become a part of your everyday lifestyle!   

A Boaters Dream 

The Saint John River runs through Destination Nackawic and is Atlantic Canada’s longest river at 673km. Meanwhile, Mactaquac Lake is extremely unique to the region as it is the largest man-made lake in New Brunswick. With over 100km of navigable waters through the region, it is truly a boater’s dream, perfect for sailing, kayaking, canoeing, motorized boating, jet skis, and house-boating. The Destination Nackawic region features two marinas in the Mactaquac area and several boat launches spread across the region. This year, there is also a brand-new addition to the Nackawic waterfront, a marina complete with several docking areas, a boat launch and a fueling station. Destination Nackawic’s new waterfront concessions are ideal for future boat rental businesses, charter boat tours, sport fishing guides and more. Nothing beats a summer day boating on the water in our beautiful region, come and see for yourself.  

Country Trail Hiking & Waterfalls  

Destination Nackawic is home to many gorgeous hiking trails and waterfalls, each with its own unique beauty. Stoney Creek Falls, Salmon Brook Falls and Cains River Falls are all popular tourist destinations in the region. The best way to experience these natural wonders is by taking a hike on one of Destination Nackawic’s several country trails. The extensive forested trail system surrounding Mactaquac Lake offers several scenic views of the water, perfect for a photo op! It has both advanced and more leisurely trails depending on the hiking challenge you’re up for. With so many diverse hiking trails and waterfalls throughout the Destination Nackawic region, you will be busy adventuring all spring, summer, and fall long!  

ATV Adventures 

Destination Nackawic is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and that includes those who love ATVing. Our region truly has so much to offer, and plenty of it is in the forest where there are over 500km of trails that are perfect for exploring via four-wheeler, dirt bike, or side by side. Destination Nackawic is also part of the Interconnected Trail System (ITS), which gives visitors access to over 12,000km of trails throughout the province of New Brunswick. Whether you’re looking to explore the backwoods or simply enjoy a leisurely ride through picturesque scenery, Destination Nackawic has you covered. Of course, make sure to obey all trail signage and rules while exploring our region, and always practice safety first.  

Annual Events & Festivals  

The Destination Nackawic region is home to several annual events and festivals where so many memories are made. With our beautiful natural landscapes and endless opportunities for fun, our variety of events and celebrations are perfect for anyone looking to experience the friendly culture in New Brunswick. Whether you’re looking for family fun, a physical challenge, to enjoy local craft beverages and treats, or just to celebrate the season, Destination Nackawic has it all. If you’re in the region this summer, be sure to check out some of these upcoming events:  

Make sure to keep up with Destination Nackawic’s website and social media accounts to stay up-to-date on all of the exciting events happening in our region. 

All the Amenities You Need  

Even though the Destination Nackawic region is mostly rural, we still have all the amenities you need to live a comfortable life. We have a number of grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, and other essential businesses. Destination Nackawic also has medical clinics to serve our community’s health needs. If you are looking for some food and entertainment, we have several delicious pubs and restaurants. There are also many parks and recreation facilities throughout the region where you can enjoy some leisure time. If you’re only choosing to visit Destination Nackawic for now, there are a variety of different campgrounds, cozy hotels, motels, traditional Bed & Breakfasts’, and Airbnb’s in the region. Once you experience all the outdoor activities and the lovely people in our community, there’s no doubt you’ll want to extend your trip here.  

Whether you’re looking to go on a weekend vacation, spend the summer here, or are considering moving to the region, the Destination Nackawic region is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Our rural communities, charming amenities, entertaining outdoor activities and events, and utter natural beauty are bound to offer any visitor a taste of our residents’ relaxing and satisfying lifestyle in Destination Nackawic. So, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the Destination Nackawic lifestyle! Our region has so much to offer, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Be sure to download both the Destination Nackawic Region Map and the local Destination Nackawic Business Directory from our home page, before you visit!