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Cottage Country

Come Relax in New Brunswick’s Cottage Country

What can you expect when vacationing in “the middle of nowhere?” Plenty of room to relax and have fun by (and on) the water—that’s what!

All along the banks of the sparkling Saint John River and nearby lakes in Destination Nackawic lies incredible opportunity for waterfront property development. Unlike other “cottage countries” like crowded Muskoka, the Destination Nackawic region offers lots of elbow room for you to enjoy!

Affordable Waterfront Property

Waking up to the sun glistening on the surface of the river. Hearing water lapping at the riverbanks. Slicing through calm water with a paddle as you slide silently in a canoe you launched from your own cottage. It’s all so relaxing! But many people believe it’s a dream they can’t realize.

Destination Nackawic can make your dream a reality.

The Destination Nackawic region has breathtakingly-beautiful waterfront properties—at an affordable price. Better yet, since the entire Destination Nackawic region is located above the Mactaquac Dam, your piece of paradise is protected from problematic flooding!

Get away from it all in Destination Nackawic

People travel all over the world to unwind next to the water. There’s an undeniable feeling of calm and happiness that comes with spending quality time by the water. Inhale the fresh air and soak up the sun bouncing off the water—it feels like a double shot of essential vitamin D!

While many people understandably opt to live on the water year-round, Destination Nackawic is also an ideal vacation spot. Our region’s waterfront lots are home to many cottages, summer homes, cabins and camps.

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts

Do you have an affinity for the great outdoors? If so, New Brunswick’s cottage country is calling your name!

The tranquillity of sleeping next to peaceful water can lower the stress in your life. Whether it’s sprawling out for a catnap in the sun beside the water or falling asleep while reading a book in your waterfront cottage, the peace and quiet of Destination Nackawic provides restful sleep.

For vacationers seeking outdoor adventure, our region also offers the excitement of water sports such as fantastic fishing, all kinds of boating, and snowmobiling. After all, waterfront cottages are the perfect escape during the summer, but they can be a fun getaway in the middle of winter, too!

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Explore the beauty… of cottage country in Destination Nackawic!