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Explore the Potential of Destination Nackawic

Our region has lots of beautifully tree-covered land and waterfront property—at a very affordable price. One of our regions biggest tourist pulls is the incredible scenery in own our backyard!

With an influx of visitors comes the need for more accommodation options. Destination Nackawic hopes to partner with developers to fill this need. 

Types of accommodation opportunities available in Destination Nackawic

What constitutes the perfect vacation is different for everyone, opening up all kinds of opportunities for creative and unique accommodations in the region.

Budget-Friendly Accommodations

For people vacationing on a budget, camping and RVing are popular options. What’s not to love? Since so much of the Nackawic region is located along the Saint John River Valley, visitors can enjoy a campfire beside the water and sleep under a bright blanket of stars, unpolluted by city lights.

Other possible economy accommodation could include:

  • Hostels – an affordable and fantastic way to meet new people
  • Motels – a convenient roadside option with minimal amenities
  • Bed and Breakfasts – an intimate accommodation option which includes breakfast
  • Inns – a small lodging establishment that may also offer basic food and drink

Ritzy, All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some travellers are seeking a more luxurious vacation experience. To accommodate these guests, consider developing one of these opportunities in Destination Nackawic:

  • Glamping (a.k.a. glamorous camping) – star domes, cabins and yurts have become a trendy home-away-from-home for tourists, offering access to the great outdoors without sacrificing modern amenities.
  • Hotels – ranging from one-five stars, this type of accommodation may include a pool, fitness and spa facilities, as well as a bar and restaurant.
  • Boutique Hotels – these small, unique hotels provide guests with high-quality, personalized experiences.
  • Resorts – Destination Nackawic is the perfect spot for ritzy resorts. Its secluded, nature-inspired location makes it a dream for honeymoons and romantic getaways! The region is chock-full of potential for all-inclusive relaxation and entertainment, so families can create wonderful vacations here, too.

Destination Nackawic: an unforgettable overnight stay

There’s so much opportunity to bring your unique brand of overnight accommodations to the region.

New Brunswick is lucky enough to have four distinctly different seasons, so use that as inspiration! You may even consider opening an Ice Hotel like the Hôtel de Glace in neighbouring Quebec; Destination Nackawic has a comparable winter climate.

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Explore the beauty…and give visitors a comfortable place to rest their heads!