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Destination Nackawic: Your Camping Destination

Destination Nackawic is the ultimate camping destination. Conveniently located off the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) but surrounded by woods and waterways, the area attracts tourists from all around New Brunswick, as well as travellers from Quebec, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Maine.

Choose from remote wilderness camping spots or all the conveniences of RVing. Destination Nackawic offers both naturally-beautiful rustic camping and RV rental spots.

Beautiful waterfront campsites

Many campgrounds found in Destination Nackawic are located along beautiful waterways, providing easy access to water activities, wildlife and sunset views.

7 campgrounds to choose from

There is no shortage of choice in the region when it comes to selecting a campground. Come create memories with family and friends.

Located near the Trans-Canada Highway

With easy access from the highway, you don’t need to travel far off the beaten path to find a beautiful place to call home for the night.

Lots of room for Tents and RVs

Choose from remote wilderness camping spots or all the conveniences of RVing. The region offers both tent camping and RV rental spots.

Plenty of elbow room in the great outdoors

Several camping spots in Destination Nackawic rest on our celebrated waterfront. Many people choose to build their homes and cottages along the beautiful riverfront, and there’s a reason why it’s called New Brunswick’s Cottage County! But luckily there’s still plenty of room for visitors to pitch a tent or pull up an RV.

Destination Nackawic offers something for campers of every age and ability. Campers can enjoy walks and hikes, biking, boatingfishing, and campfires (when permitted). Over 80% of New Brunswick is covered in trees, so we need to be very careful not to accidentally catch the forest on fire.

Experience the beauty of Destination Nackawic by camping here. Tourists can enjoy overnight camping or stay longer—some people spend the whole summer here!

Explore the beauty…under the stars!

We are so lucky to have the camping ecosystem we do. Some of my favourite campsites are right here in Destination Nackawic. It's my first stop when I am looking for an ultimate "staycation" in New Brunswick.

–   Hilliary Baird, Fredericton