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Nackawic Waterfront Concessions

One of Canada’s East Coast Riverfront Travel Destinations

Destination Nackawic is emerging as a riverfront travel destination on the east coast of Canada. We’re becoming known as “New Brunswick’s Cottage Country and a popular spot for all kinds of boaters and fishing enthusiasts.

Thanks to partnerships, investments, and entrepreneurship, the Town of Nackawic is using an experiential design process to create an unforgettable waterfront experience for all. This beautifully-designed waterside experience is the focal point in Destination Nackawic—and it’s full of potential!


Destination Nackawic’s waterfront development

Destination Nackawic’s waterfront is absolutely breathtaking. There are so many experiences to be enjoyed on the water. Recreational fishing is a multibillion-dollar industry, and the Nackawic waterfront is the perfect spot for boat rental businesses, charter boat tours, sport fishing guides and more.

Once the river freezes over, the Nackawic Waterfront becomes a near never-ending, sparkling surface for snowmobilers, as well as people exploring the area on skates and snowshoes. Why not open a business along the popular trails?


Developing waterfront highlights in Destination Nackawic

Destination Nackawic is looking for partners like you for our ever-developing waterfront!

The Saint John River Valley offers new tourism economy while preserving the natural attributes of the scenic Nackawic waterfront. It’s already home to the World’s Largest Axe, a popular roadside attraction.

Nackawic’s upgraded waterfront includes “Lookout Dock” and “Sunset Point,” which boasts some of the province’s most spectacular sunsets. In the warmer months, the setting sun mirrors off the open water, and in Canada’s colder months, it bounces off the glittering snow and ice.

With investors like you, Nackawic’s waterfront could include:

  • Full-service marina, including a fuelling station
  • Beach for swimming (+ a separate dog-friendly beach)
  • Houseboat beach, the perfect spot to dock during your houseboat or a rental from Lakeway Houseboat Vacations
  • Family-friendly features like a splash pad and playground
  • Newly-refurbished Lion’s Club Boathouse
  • Small-craft water rental hut
  • Convenient commercial core
  • Cabins for overnight accommodation
  • Hillside garden, a beautiful landscaping initiative
  • Enhances park programming and activities
  • Floating art installation
  • And more!

We have an incredible vision for the Nackawic Waterfront, and with your help, we can achieve it. Check out this video of Nackawic’s “Waterfront Master Plan.”


Invest in Destination Nackawic’s beautiful waterfront

By investing in Nackawic’s waterfront, you’re helping new water-based experiences, accommodations, and food and beverage businesses thrive. That’s the spirit of the Nackawic community. That’s the power of partnerships.

There are all kinds of exciting development opportunities, and plenty of space to do something like this elsewhere along the Mactaquac Headpond. Want to be part of it? Contact us.

Explore the beauty…of the Nackawic Waterfront!