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The Big Axe

Home to the World’s Biggest Axe

Standing proudly in the Town of Nackawic’s waterfront is the largest axe in the world. With convenient “axe-ess” off the Trans-Canada highway, it makes a great road trip photo op!

The Big Axe is a Destination Nackawic landmark and a symbol of the importance of forestry in our town and our province. It’s a testament to the people of the community, whose hard work and investments have kept the region afloat for decades.

The story of how Nackawic’s iconic waterfront Axe arrived

The Big Axe was commissioned in 1991 when Nackawic was named Forestry Capital of Canada. In the spirit of supporting local business in New Brunswick, the Big Axe was designed and built by a company located in Woodstock, about a 25-minute drive from the Town of Nackawic.

Once the Big Axe was built, moving it to the Nackawic waterfront was quite the feat. Since the Big Axe is 7 m (23 ft.) wide, it occupied a large part of the highway. The town had to arrange to move it very early one Sunday morning so as not to disrupt the traffic flow. It’s been on the Nackawic waterfront now for ~30 years!

The Big Axe, a proud symbol of forestry

The Big Axe rises 15 m (49 ft.) above the mighty Saint John River and weighs an incredible 55 tonnes. It consists of a:

  • Massive stainless-steel axe head
  • Giant wooden handle
  • Concrete “stump,” meant to simulate a tree trunk

The huge “stump,” which is 10 m (33 ft.) in diameter, doubles as a stage for outdoor gatherings in the community.

Come check out Nackawic’s Big Axe—and don’t forget your phone or camera for pics!

What to visit around the Big Axe

The Big Axe has been the inspiration for several local businesses, including:

Big Axe Brewery is nestled into Destination Nackawic’s waterfront on Otis Drive and is home to award-winning craft brews. Come and enjoy some of the finest craft beer at their rustic saloon-inspired taproom or on their wrap-around waterfront patio. To make the brewery even more enticing, it’s accessible by car, boat, snowmobile, four-wheeler and even horse-back.

While checking out The Big Axe, check out the Town of Nackawic’s waterfront, nearby boating and fishing opportunities, and other fun tourist activities in the region.

What are you waiting for? Snap a selfie in front of the World’s Largest Axe!

Explore the beauty…surrounding the Big Axe!