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Retirement Living

Destination Nackawic: Helping Seniors Remain Active and Independent

The number of people reaching retirement age in New Brunswick and Eastern Canada is rapidly growing. More than 40,000 New Brunswickers turned 65 between 2006 and 2016, and every baby boomer will be 65 or older by 2030.

Specific to the Town of Nackawic’s population, the town has a population of ~940 people. According to Statistics Canada’s Census Report, 265 of those individuals are 65 or older. Another 185 people are between the ages of 50 and 65, which means nearly half of Nackawic’s current population is 50+.

Destination Nackawic’s residents and other seniors in the province—and beyond—need more places to live. With a rapidly ageing population comes opportunities to help seniors live more affordable, active and comfortable lifestyles. Destination Nackawic provides this possibility!

Independent living garden homes for seniors in the Destination Nackawic region

Destination Nackawic’s large population of older residents represents a promising opportunity for senior housing. Our community needs investment into these types of development to care for the elderly and enrich the quality of life for—both current and future—residents.

What do our seniors want in a home?

Seniors today express a desire to stay in their home as long as possible because they’re most comfortable there. But most seniors want to downsize because they can no longer manage the upkeep of their homes. That’s why niche neighbourhoods like those consisting of senior garden homes (sometimes called retirement patio homes) are becoming so popular among senior citizens.

Garden homes in Nackawic could consist of several floor plans (including one or two bedrooms) with single, duplex, or multiple unit options. Typically, these single-person/family units are 1,000 to 1,200 square feet. They provide a much-needed—and highly-desirable—housing option for our seniors.

Based on Destination Nackawic’s market research, seniors want homes that have:

  • Manageable and senior-friendly floor plans
  • Close proximity to other seniors, medical care and pharmacies
  • Landscaping and snow removal services to minimize household upkeep
  • Safety features such as radiant snow and ice melting systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • As much locally-sourced New Brunswick materials and labour as possible
  • Smart home features and controls

Many seniors don’t want to move to larger city centres in their golden years.

“I am 78 years old; I have lived here for more than 50 years. My friends, my doctor, my pharmacist and my grocery store are here. Why would I move to Fredericton? I can go there for a shopping trip and centralized special medical services, but I don’t want to live there.”
– Nackawic Resident

How Destination Nackawic is helping seniors

Destination Nackawic Economic Development Corporation (DNEDC), an economic development agency, wishes to partner with businesses and organizations to build affordable, comfortable and energy-efficient independent-living garden homes for seniors.

Are you a developer or local N.B. company interested in collaborating and innovating to provide this type of solution—not just for Destination Nackawic, but for other rural communities in New Brunswick, too?

Destination Nackawic wants to hear from you!

Retire independently in beautiful Destination Nackawic

Rural communities continue to play an important role in New Brunswick’s long-term viability and in addressing the needs of our valued seniors.

Destination Nackawic is home to beautiful scenic waterfront vistas, supportive communities, and many fun-filled activities for all ages, including the elderly.

Explore the beauty…that comes with helping seniors maintain their independence!