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Building Destination Nackawic, One Subdivision at a Time

Destination Nackawic has many affordable pieces of land available for purchase. Land developers and other investors can transform this property into inviting new subdivisions. We have lots of space, allowing land developers options to be creative with lot layouts and buyers to feel less cramped and more content with their purchase.

Unspoiled natural beauty at unbeatable prices


Land in the Destination Nackawic region is affordable, spacious, and scenic!

Since much of the Destination Nackawic lines the beautiful Saint John River Valley, there’s an opportunity for highly-desirable waterfront subdivision development. This is an attractive selling feature for people looking to purchase property.

Better yet, because Destination Nackawic is up-river from the Mactaquac dam, residents don’t experience the same risk of flooding as downriver, helping protect your investment and that of the buyer.

Investing in New Brunswick’s future

Destination Nackawic’s community is safe, friendly and peaceful. It offers a lifestyle people simply can’t get at the same price anywhere else.

This region is a wonderful place to raise a family, so it’s no surprise younger people are gravitating to town. Seniors are also choosing Destination Nackawic because of its slower pace of life, affordability, and scenic beauty. Our many tourism opportunities attract visitors who often, after experiencing the beauty of the area, decide to move here.

We need subdivisions to accommodate growing families within the region. In addition, these subdivisions will be able to house newcomers as the province continues to expand its immigration efforts. Add to your real estate portfolio today!

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Explore the beauty of building the future of Destination Nackawic!