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Waterfront Property

Realize Your Dream of Living on the Water

Owning a water-front home seems like only a dream for most people, especially those who live in large cities. Waterfront property is so popular, it can be expensive and scarce. But, in Destination Nackawic, living on the water is a real, affordable possibility!

The Destination Nackawic region has acres and acres of beautiful riverfront and lakefront property available for purchase.

Waterfront property—without the flooding

Unlike other areas along the Saint John River that are prone to flooding, Destination Nackawic has stable, predictable water levels.

Why? Because Nackawic is located on the other side of the Mactaquac Dam. This prime location helps protect your waterfront investment from the potentially devastating effects of flooding.

More than just a house

Living by water can provide a happy, healthy life for you and your family. As humans, we feel more relaxed when we’re near water, a phenomenon known as the “blue mind” effect. When you make your home the home of the world’s largest axe, you experience rel-axe-ation all year round!

If less stress isn’t enough to convince you to move to Destination Nackawic, living on the waterfront also opens up opportunities for many fun, water-based activities. In the winter, residents love getting out on the water for skating and snowmobiling. In the warmer month, you’ll see lots of people out boating and fishing along the beautiful Saint John River.

Acres of opportunity

The opportunity to buy or build your dream home in Destination Nackawic is endless. There is ample acreage not only on the waterfront, but throughout the entire region. With cost and availability of land on your side, why not invest in your dream home in beautiful Destination Nackawic?

Explore the beauty… of waterfront property in Destination Nackawic!

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