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Senior Care

Caring for Our Aging Population

New Brunswick has a large population of ageing residents. Nearly half of Nackawic’s current population is over the age of 50, and many seniors reside in the surrounding region in their own homes. 

While most seniors understandably wish to remain in their homes, health considerations often make that impossible. As they age, seniors may need help preparing meals, bathing and dressing, cleaning their living space, and/or taking medications at the right time. 

Care facilities help seniors manage these kinds of challenges. The range of care provided at a senior care home (also called nursing homes, assisted living complexes, and long-term care residences) varies. Typically, however, residents of a senior care home can expect help with mobility, physical ailments and diseases, and cognitive challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. 

The care seniors expect and deserve

If and when it comes time for seniors to move into a special care home, we want them to be as comfortable as possible living there. We want to know our loved ones are well taken care of.

Above all, seniors need consistent, high-quality healthcare from attentive staff. But they also need a strong sense of community. Destination Nackawic’s friendly community welcomes the opportunity to enrich the quality of life for the elderly.

The Nackawic region offers peace and quiet, as well as beautiful scenery for our seniors to enjoy.

Our slow pace of living and the large populous of older residents makes it the perfect place to build senior care homes.

Investing in senior care homes in Nackawic


Nackawic’s economic development agency, Destination Nackawic Economic Development Corporation (DNEDC), wishes to partner with developers to give our seniors a caring place to call home. We want to create a hub of easily-accessible senior care homes in the Nackawic region, thereby developing a safe and supportive environment for our elders.

Why? Because more senior care facilities mean more comfort for our parents and grandparents.

While the Destination Nackawic region is an attractive location for seniors seeking independent-living arrangements, there is enough space—and need—to build senior care homes, too.

Let’s work together to provide seniors with the care they expect—and deserve—in their golden years. Contact us to help support New Brunswick’s ageing population.

Explore the beauty…that comes with caring for our elders!