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Exploring the Many Hiking Trails of the Destination Nackawic Region.

One of New Brunswick’s best qualities (besides its great people!) is its scenic landscape, which is perfect for hikers near and far. 

We can all spend a little too much time glued to a screen, but thankfully Destination Nackawic offers many opportunities to unplug and enjoy the outdoors! We’re lucky to have so many beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and forests close by.

What better way to slow down, get fresh air, and leave your troubles behind than by exploring one of Destination Nackawic’s many hiking trails?

Beautiful trails

Well maintained nature trails for the hiker looking for easy passage or rougher terrain for the more experienced adventurers can be found across the region.


Destination Nackawic holds claim to some of the best waterfalls in the province. Come explore and enjoy a dip in nearby natural pools.

Waterfront views

Many of the trails in the Destination Nackawic Region feature stunning waterfront vistas.

The outdoors at it's best

With neighbouring city centers, hiking in the region creates an easy escape for those looking to get off their phones and into the wilderness.

The benefits of hiking

Walking is an exceptional form of exercise because it’s accessible to nearly everyone, and there’s no training involved. Simply start by taking one step after another in the great outdoors!

Adding walking or hiking to your routine can lower risks of illnesses and diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer and even dementia. When done daily, hiking can alleviate complaints and improve areas such as balance, stiffness, posture, flexibility and mobility.

Walking or hiking in nature, away from the hus tle and bustle, is great for our mental health, removing distractions and reconnecting us with our thoughts and emotions.

Getting out for a hike can also improve our relationships by helping us connect authentically face-to-face!

Begin your hike at the World’s Largest Axe!

The best place to start your hike is in the heart of Nackawic at the World’s Largest Axe!

From here, you can walk along the Saint John River for an hour, stopping along the way for scenic river views, swing sets and pull up bars, and even a small waterfall. This is a really great walk for families and those with differing levels of ability, as it is an easy-going walking trail. Feeling thirsty at the end? Continue down Otis Drive to Big Axe Brewery, and stop in for a pint!

More hiking options in Destination Nackawic

Nackawic is only a stone’s throw away from Big Pokiok Nature Park, an extensive park with many different trail options. Some are longer or more challenging, while others are laid back. So, there’s something for every hiker in this area. Sites include Pokiok Rapids and Pokiok Dam, both lovely places to stop on along your hike. These trails also have different types of forests, providing ever-changing scenery to explore.

Heading toward Canterbury you can find the Shogomoc area, which has a walking bridge trail and a Shogomoc Falls trail, where there are a few levels of waterfalls. It’s a shorter walk than some of the other hiking trails, but it’s a particularly nice one in summer. Some areas are even safe for swimming! These areas are easy to reach for people of any hiking level.

More fantastic walks in the area include near Coac Falls or the Friendship Trail, located in nearby Millville. These are only a few ideas—many more trails are yours to discover! Many trails are accessible and maintained year-round, but come winter some are better trekked with snowshoes!

For ideas and inspiration, visit the Hiking NB’s website or Facebook page.

All-level hiking in Destination Nackawic

Whether you’re hiking in a group or exploring the great outdoors solo, the Destination Nackawic region offers a little something for everyone. We could all use a little extra movement in our lives—especially if it’s in the great outdoors!

If you’re looking to explore forests or waterways, an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Destination Nackawic awaits hikers like YOU.

Where will your next hiking adventure take you? Destination Nackawic, New Brunswick, of course!

Explore the beauty…of the great outdoors!