There is no shortage of exploration in Destination Nackawic. The number of hiking trails in the region offers endless opportunities to experience the beauty here! The trails in the region range from leisurely walking and family-friendly to challenging trails for more ambitious hikers. One thing that all of the trails in Destination Nackawic have in common is their lushly forested, scenic routes. More often than not, you’ll even find a waterfall along the way.

We have compiled a list of hiking trails in Destination Nackawic to enable your exploration of the region!

Waterfall Trails

You can find the Shogomoc Falls trail at the Meductic exit off of Route 2. This is a 2.5-kilometer forested route that leads to a swimmable waterfall. Be sure to pack your bathing suit for this hike!

The Kitchen Brook Falls trail is another quick hike that leads to a hidden gem of a waterfall. It is nestled into the ramps of an interchange and is a good trail for all skill levels.

The Coac Falls trail is one of the most popular in the Destination Nackawic region. For good reason, the waterfall is truly a sight to see and a great photo op! The journey to these falls is nearly 3 kilometers and should take you around 2 hours to complete. 

You will find Howland Falls along Route 105 near the Bear Island community. These falls are easily accessible. Just a quick ten-minute hike off of Scotch Lake Road, over a steep hill and you will find yourself in a deep ravine that holds the waterfall. 

You can find Split Rock Falls after a moderately difficult 1-kilometer hike. After your jaunt through forested terrain, you will find the waterfall. Although the waterfall only reaches 2 meters in height, the stream creates a sharp, impressive turn that will wow you!

The Lower Joslin Falls Trail is considered to have quite a difficult terrain and is recommended for more experienced hikers. Although it’s a rather short trail, it’s uphill and runs along a cliff’s edge. If you can make it to the other side of the falls, there are some small caves to explore. 

Leisure Trails

The Margaret (Coburn) Cameron Nature Preserve trail is an effortless loop through a hardwood forest in Keswick Ridge. If you’re looking for a quick and easy trail, this should only take you thirty minutes to complete and get your blood pumping. 

The Nackawic Nature trail runs along the Nackawic waterfront for nearly 3 kilometers. You can hop on the trail on Otis Drive and walk along the water until you reach the World’s Largest Axe! This trail is perfect for a leisurely, scenic stroll. 

The Walking Bridge Trail in Shogomoc is perfect for a little family fun! Since the trail is less than a kilometer it should only take about 15 minutes. Walking across the Shogomoc pedestrian bridge will be a thrill for the whole family.

Park Trails

You can find the Woolastook Park Loop in Kingsclear just off of Route 102. The trail is approximately 5.5 kilometers long and is moderately difficult. The trail is accessible throughout all seasons, however, we recommend wearing snowshoes or spiked shoes during winter months as the sloped terrain can be difficult to maneuver with ice and snow.  

The Mactaquac Provincial Park trail system is impressive and provides plenty of opportunities for hikers to explore. The differing trails display all the different habitats throughout the park. After you’re finished hiking here, you can check out the beach, golf course, boating marinas, and Tree-go, all found within the Mactaquac Provincial Park!

Here are the trails you can explore in Mactaquac Provincial Park:

You can adventure through several hiking trails in the Pokiok Nature Park. Here you will discover waterfalls, rapids, and several different types of forest throughout the park. The diverse trail system was built by the AV Group. The company operates a specialty pulp mill in the Town of Nackawic and manages several forests throughout the province. With sustainability in mind, the AV Group works to manage and protect our forests to ensure the resource is sustained and can contribute our communities for the long term. 

Here are the trails you can explore in the Pokiok Nature Park:

Escape to Destination Nackawic and explore the many different hiking trails, waterfalls, forests, and scenery. You will not be disappointed by the views you take in and the memories you make along the way!