With remote work on the rise and many organizations adapting to this new normal, employees have been given a new sense of freedom where they can set up shop. If you’ve dreamt of a slower-paced lifestyle, serenity, affordability, and a warm sense of community, look no further than Destination Nackawic. Our region could be the most ideal place for you to settle into your new sense of reality. Forget about the hustle and bustle of city life and corporate offices. Work remotely in Destination Nackawic and find the peace and productivity you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of working remotely Destination Nackawic

  • Quaint and cozy lifestyle

Destination Nackawic is known for its quaint and cozy small-town vibes. The region’s local residents are some of the Maritimes’ most personable and the communities are always eager to give a warm welcome to new residents. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being called by name in the grocery store line-up, or have your order memorized at the local coffee shop. This is the reality of living in Destination Nackawic. Furthermore, you won’t experience any noisy disruptions like honking horns or street traffic. Nothing but calm and quiet for you to get your work done efficiently. Whether you’re leaving the big city for a simpler life or relocating to be closer to family and friends, it won’t take you long to adjust to working remotely and the laid-back lifestyle in Destination Nackawic. 

  • Affordability and availability

Perhaps one of the most prominent perks of living in Destination Nackawic is the price tag. Currently, the average price of a home in New Brunswick is one of the lowest in Canada. You could experience even lower than average pricing when relocating to the countryside in Destination Nackawic. There are several different property landscapes to choose from in the region. Perhaps you’d like to be conveniently located on the Loop Scenic Drive along the waterfront of Route 102 and 105. Interested in bringing your work even further off the grid? Destination Nackawic prominently consists of lush forest for you to admire and explore. If you’re not seeing anything on the market, there are acres of opportunity for building your dream home. The affordability of building and buying a property in the region is almost too good to pass up. Work remotely from our dream location in Destination Nackawic. 

  • Convenient location

Though there is no pesky morning or evening commute when working from home, you will still be pleasantly surprised by the ease of getting around in Destination Nackawic. Traffic isn’t a used term in the region. If you’re questioning the commute to nearby city centers, the Trans Canada highway is alongside the region for convenient access when desired. With that said, once you’re here, you may not find any reason to leave.

  • After-hour accommodations and activities

The Town of Nackawic is in the center of Destination Nackawic and has all of the necessities and accommodations you may be looking for. When you’re off the clock, visit the nearby restaurants and pubs, and community centers for socialization and enjoyment. Destination Nackawic is considered an outdoor playground. Spend your time off the clock skiing the province’s highest vertical drop at Crabbe Mountain. Head to the Pokiok Stream for some of the region’s best fishing. Sail along Saint John River to take in the idyllic views Destination Nackawic has to offer. Spend a day at the Nackawic Golf & Country Club, hiking the extensive trail systems or touring the Loop Scenic Drive. There are several activities at your fingertips to keep you active and entertained while you’re not working. 

Optimizing your remote work set-up 

If you’re transitioning to work remotely in Destination Nackawic, there are a few things to cross off your checklist to ensure you can be productive and efficient at home.

  • Wifi Connection

First, having a reliable internet connection is a critical part of being efficient while working remotely. There is nothing worse than a slow connection, files that won’t load, disconnecting video chats, etc. To solidify a dependable WIFI connection, reach out to a local internet provider to ensure you won’t face any disruptions. Additionally, if you’re in a more rural area, investing in an ethernet cord that plugs into your computer directly will enable a stronger internet connection. Being off the grid doesn’t have to mean staying out of touch!

  • Ergonomic workstation

While working from your couch may seem like the comfiest work from home set-up, this can pose many problems in the long run. After a few days, you might be fighting aches and pains. Having an ergonomic set-up at home will allow you to work safely and efficiently and promote your productivity. 

  • Start by finding a desk, or similar workspace (like a kitchen table) that fits your legs, knees, and feet comfortably. If your work surface is high, perhaps invest in an adjustable chair. If your work surface is too low, try to readjust the height by using books or other sturdy materials to raise the legs and achieve a comfortable height. 
  • Next, set up your monitor(s) so that it sits at, or slightly below eye level. Ideally, your monitor should be arms-length away from you so that you can see everything on the screen at once. If you’re using a laptop, prop it up on a stack of books so that you see it at eye level. This will help reduce tension on your neck. 
  • When seated at your desk, your mouse and keyboard should be at elbow height and close enough in front of you so that you’re not overextending. 
  • Lastly, find a chair that is comfortable and promotes good posture. 

An efficient work from home set up is key to reducing ergonomic ailments. If you’re dedicated to working remotely, don’t improvise your remote workstation.

  • Stay in touch with collaboration tools

As humans, we desire connection and communication. Although there are several benefits to working from home, it can take away the interaction you would experience with your colleagues in the office. To keep-up with your co-workers, collaboration tools will come in handy. Scheduling video chats can help you stay-in-touch and give you a sense of real-life connection. Emailing or instant messaging is another way to keep in constant communication. Collaborating on projects may prove to be more difficult out of the office. Using collaborative tools like Google Drive will allow you and your colleagues to work together more efficiently. Prioritize connecting with your remote team to avoid feeling out of touch and be proactive with setting up tools to enable teamwork.

  • Schedule breaks 

It’s easy to get lost in your work when you’re not working under a standard office timetable. Working at home, you won’t notice your peers leaving for lunch, getting up for their routine afternoon coffee break, or having meetings to run to. Scheduling breaks throughout your day will help establish a new routine at home. Getting outside for fresh air and exercise will help break up your day and enable your productivity. Working from home shouldn’t mean sitting inside all day.  

Settle into working remotely in Destination Nackawic and experience the laid-back lifestyle you’ve been longing for. Bask in the silence of your home office while taking in the scenic views that surround you. Explore the region’s plethora of seasonal activities during your time off, all while getting to know the locals. You won’t want to miss out on the beauty and accommodation of Destination Nackawic. There is no better time than now to fulfill your small-town dreams.