For years, Kim and Faye Palmer were in search of the ultimate sailing destination. Not only that, but a place to settle in for their retirement. In 2014, Kim and Faye found a dream home for themselves and their sail boat in Destination Nackawic. 

A Sailing Story 

For a couple that had lived in Fredericton for most of their lifetime, Destination Nackawic was simply a drive-by destination. After years of searching for waterfront property, and with sailing in mind, this region quickly moved to the top of their list. The open waters in Destination Nackawic are what a sailor’s dreams are made of. With over 100km of navigable waterways along the Saint John River and Mactaquac Headpond, the sailing opportunities are endless. Once they found the ideal waters to home their sailboat, it was time to find a home of their own. 

Kim and Faye found their ideal waterfront property accompanied by a 200-year-old farmhouse in Hawkshaw, New Brunswick, located within the Destination Nackawic region. Although their ancient farmhouse may not have given the initial warm and fuzzy feeling, now it’s safe to say they landed the jackpot. Kim and Faye gutted, rebuilt and designed their dream home on their beloved waterfront. Faye likes to call it her “brand new 200-year-old farmhouse”. Their property accurately lives up to the name of their sailboat, “Great Expectations”. They now feel lucky to live the laid back lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of, in sailing paradise.

Sailing in Destination Nackawic

Much of the N.B. sailing community can agree that the Destination Nackawic waters are some of the best, and most picturesque. After all, that is the main reason why Kim and Faye moved to the region! To make things better, there are two marinas located within Destination Nackawic. The York Centennial Sailboat Marina is located along Route 105 in Mactaquac and is nestled into Walinaik Cove. The cove is large enough to house dozens of sailboats safely and offers protection from harsh weather. Located just minutes away from the York Centennial Marina is the Mactaquac Marina. Although powerboats are more typically found on this dock, you will still see some sailboats mooring nearby. Both marinas are conveniently located in the Mactaquac Headpond, which is known for its wide open water. Perfect for sailing!

Sailing up river towards Nackawic, sailors will come across Hawkshaw. According to Kim and Faye, this is the best water for sailing in the entire region. If you’re sailing from either of the Mactaquac marinas, Hawkshaw is roughly a three hour sail away (depending on the winds). Be sure to pack a lunch, as you’ll be committing to a beautiful day sailing along the Saint John River. Alternatively, there is a boat launch on the Nackawic Waterfront. This will land you in the most desired sailing waters of Hawkshaw in just minutes. 

Sailing Etiquette 

During your time spent sailing the Destination Nackawic waters, you can expect to pass by several other boaters and sailors. It is a hotspot for a reason! With that, it’s important to follow the rules of the water and of course, keep up with our friendly maritime reputation.

Here are some tips to abide by for proper sailing etiquette:

  • Understand the rules of the “right of way”. Similar to driving a car on the road, this is just as important when sailing a boat on the water. Steer clear of approaching boats. 
  • Be aware of the wake you create when you’re near other boats or people in the water. 
  • You should always remain conscious of your position, speed and sailing patterns.
  • When passing other boaters, try to clear as much space as you can between the two. 
  • If you have a holding tank on your boat, make sure you know where pumping stations are.
  • As a sailor in the Destination Nackawic waters, it is also your friendly responsibility to help out fellow sailors/boaters if you see someone having trouble.
  • Do your part in helping keep the Destination Nackawic waters clean.

More Than Just a Sailing Sensation

Although the sailing opportunities in Destination Nackawic are unparalleled, Kim and Faye can attest to more reasons than just one they’re happy to be living in the region. There are several other amazing recreational activities they feel lucky to be able to take advantage of. Aside from sailing, they especially love the several hiking trails and waterfalls nearby. Plus, their home in Hawkshaw is only a 20 minute drive to any of the surrounding amenities they could need. Above all, Kim and Faye appreciate the sense of the community they are a part of. Moving to Destination Nacakwic and not knowing anyone wasn’t a hard adjustment, they were quickly embraced by their welcoming and friendly community. 

Some people look forward to spending their “summers at the lake”, well Kim and Faye claim they feel fortunate to live that life everyday. Sailing in Destination Nackawic got even better in 2018 when Kim and Faye started a small sailing business. If you’re interested in sailing, book a time to hop aboard “Great Expectations”. The Palmer’s are eager to share their passion for sailing with others and want you to experience the beauty of sailing in Destination Nackawic.