Destination Nackawic is home to some of the best fishing waters in Canada. Bass fishing in particular a thrilling experience, even for the most practiced fishing enthusiasts. Bass fish have an incredible leaping ability and fighting stamina, the sportiest of freshwater fish. 

Tourists come from afar to experience the unbelievable bass fishing in Destination Nackawic. Locals to the Nackawic region feel lucky to live in fishing paradise. The number of people who move to the region solely to take advantage of the endless fishing opportunities is a real testament to what these waterways have to offer! There is certainly no shortage of fish, or fishermen in these waters. Whether you’re on a leisurely fishing trip or competing in a pro-angling tournament, the Nackawic region is the ultimate bass fishing destination in the Maritimes. 


Bass Fishing 101 in Destination Nackawic 

Fishers of all levels of expertise will experience the fishing of their lifetime in Destination Nackawic. The Mactaquac Headpond is known as the bass fishing capital of the maritimes. Meanwhile, the Saint John River is one of the top angling destinations in the nation. While the national bass fishing season doesn’t typically begin until July, in Destination Nackawic, bass fishing enthusiasts are lucky enough to cast their rods the first of May! Despite the chance of poor weather conditions in early bass fishing season, anglers are known to catch trophy-sized fish during this time. Pro-Angler, Jeff Wilson claims that he can’t even finish his cup of coffee in the morning because he’s catching too many fish! 

On top of a long bass fishing season, the waterways in Destination Nackawic are highly accessible to all boaters. The Nackawic Stream runs into the Saint John River at what locals call “the bend”. This is where the river turns into the Mactaquac Reservoir, also known as the Headpond. The wide waterway at the bend allows for vessels of all sizes to access the water with ease. Whether you prefer to fish from a kayak, canoe or a 20-foot bass boat, the only thing to get caught up in are the fish!


Bass Fishing Hotspots in the Nackawic Region

As Jeff has spent many years fishing the Destination Nackawic, he is very familiar with hotspots in the area. When you’re fishing in the Nackawic region, keep in mind that the mouth of all brooks and streams bring cold water into the main river. These are also known as feeding zones. From one fisherman to another, he claims that the mouth of the Pokiok stream and the main river that runs out to the Nackawic Bridge is very productive. “Launch your boat early in the morning and go up the Nackawic stream. Use top water and cast along the edges of the weed beds. You will see strikes on the surface of the water, which are great for kayak, canoe and boat fishing!”. Destination Nackawic waters are a dream for all fishing enthusiasts.

Bass fishing in Destination Nackawic


Catch & Release in Destination Nackawic

Anglers are easily excited and can even get overwhelmed when fishing in Destination Nackawic. We’re not kidding when we say these waters are loaded with bass. Because of this, it’s important to keep your daily catch and release quota in mind. The Catch and Release regulations vary depending on the waters you’re fishing, the time of year, and the size of fish. As a general rule, your daily bag and possession limit is five bass. However, you should refer to the New Brunswick Fishing Guide prior to your fishing excursion to ensure you practice the proper regulations. 

Jeff Wilson, a pro angler in the region, has put significant time and effort into the Catch and Release initiative not only in Destination Nackawic, but everywhere he casts his fishing rod. In fact, Jeff was recently featured on Fish’n Canada for a fishing conservation article “Non-Traditional Fish Species in the Maritimes Need Assistance”. Jeff is passionate about informing people on this matter and even hosts educational seminars on Catch and Release conservation. His saying “Catching is more fun than fishing” has become popular amongst fellow anglers across the nation. Destination Nackawic waters are flourishing with healthy fish, much thanks to the fishermen who choose to release!


Fish You Can Expect to See

With a number of tributary streams, flooded roadbeds, weed beds and deep sandbars along the Meduxnekeag River, the Headpond and the Saint John River, these waters are a prime habitat for a variety of fish. During your fishing excursion in Destination Nackawic, be on the lookout for Smallmouth and even the odd Largemouth Bass. On top of the bass species in these waters, you’d be surprised not to get hooked up with a variety of Trout, Muskies and Sturgeons while fishing in the Nackawic region. If you’re wondering if your kids would have any luck on a family fishing trip, the Perch and Sunfish in these waters are a manageable size for young anglers. The whole family will be occupied and amused fishing in Destination Nackawic! 


Bass Fishing Tips

If you’re new to fishing or just need a refresher on your angling abilities before casting on Destination Nackawic waters, here are some bass fishing tips to keep in mind.

  • Match Your Bait to Imitate

Bass are smart and savage creatures. They have a ranging diet depending on the waters they’re in. In order to lure a bass, it’s important to match your bait to imitate the prey they typically feed on. Bass in the Nackawic waters feed on tiny fish, therefore we suggest using a Berkley Jerk Shad or Berkley General for best imitation.  

  • Be Keen with the Weather

Similar to humans, bass tend to behave differently depending on the weather. On rainy or cloudy days, bass are more active and willing to expose themselves to feed. For this you should use moving baits, such as spinnerbaits or chatterbaits. On the other hand, bass are typically lazy when the sun is shining. Instead, they wait for their meals to come to them.  A bottom bouncing bait like a jig or Texas rigged soft plastic are more prone to catching bass on a sunny day. 

  • Be Mindful of Water Temperature

As bass fishing season in Destination Nackawic goes from May 1st until September 15th, water temperatures can vary drastically. Water temperature affects the activity level and feeding patterns of bass. Switching baits depending on the time of year will increase your chances of catching. In colder weather, slower moving baits will be more prone to bites. As summer goes on and water temperatures rise, bass will be more prone to an aggressive lure.  

  • Don’t Call it Quits in the Wind

Bass are stimulated by the wind which usually entails more bites. Also, because wind disturbs the water surface, bass are less likely to be spooked by your boat movement. Use a moving bait to take full advantage of windy fishing weather.

  • Put Your Lure Where the Fish Are

Bass love to hangout in covered areas as it helps conceal them so they can easily ambush their prey. Knowing this, be on the lookout for covered waters,  including rock, wood, long grass, weed beds or lily pads. You’ll find these areas along the Nackawic Stream. 

Although catching any fish in Destination Nackawic is an unheard of problem, these bass fishing tips should help you land the perfect catch.


Competitive Bass Fishing in Destination Nackawic

Did you know the first ever bass fishing tournament in Canada was hosted in Destination Nackawic? If you’re looking to put your bass fishing skills to the test, Destination Nackawic is the perfect place to up the ante. You can find several sport fishing events and derbys hosted in the Nackawic region throughout the fishing season. Most notably, Destination Nackawic hosts the Small Mouth Bass Open and the The Rapala Bass Fishing Tournament. Come compete in the region’s tournaments for your chance to claim your title and win cash and prizes!

Have your fishing rod ready-to-go for your next bass fishing trip in Destination Nackawic. With streams stocked with several types of bass and easily accessible waterways, you won’t leave without a catch. There is no doubt that anglers of all skill levels will be kept entertained here. A bass fishing excursion in the Nackawic region is all you need to get hooked on the sport!