Destination Nackawic is a quaint region filled with picturesque views, natural serenity, and some of the kindest people in the Maritimes. New Brunswick is known for its aging population, and with that, its reputable adult living communities, such as Destination Nackawic. You will have no problem adjusting to the region’s laidback lifestyle and tight knit community. Additionally, there is plenty of opportunity to indulge in active living with our keen access to the Saint John River and lush New Brunswick forest. The several communal resources will connect you with like-minded neighbours in the region. Meanwhile, convenient highway access to nearby city centres will help keep you in touch with those beyond. If you’re looking to settle into an active, comfortable and affordable retirement community, Destination Nackawic could be the ultimate region to accommodate your senior living desires.

Warm & Welcoming

If you’ve dreamed of living in a community with a reputation for being warm and welcoming, Destination Nackawic can make that come true. Whether you have lived in the region your entire life or have just relocated, the people here are what make it feel like home. The Town of Nackawic has a population nearing ~1,000 people, with half of the town being above the age of 50. You can rest assured that you will be surrounded by a like-minded community of people here.

Moving from Vancouver all the way to Destination Nackawic to retire was the best decision Ruth Anderson and her husband have claimed to ever make. “We couldn’t have found a better place to live with such an inclusive sense of community”. This is a true testament to the region’s hospitable people and resources. Nothing feels more welcoming than being called by name at the grocery store and having your order memorized at the coffee shop. Furthermore, maintaining a socially active lifestyle is a key factor to healthy retirement living. The region’s wellness groups are not only conducive to socializing, but encourage a sense of involvement and purpose. From curling, bowling, knitting, quilting, gardening, library clubs and volunteering, there is no shortage of community involvement in Destination Nackawic.

Experience Active Adult Living 

Although slowing down inherently comes with aging, it’s important your retirement community offers you opportunity for active adult living. Destination Nackawic is equipped with a plethora of activities that will help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Golf is a sport that becomes even more popular with age. Not only is it low impact, it’s also a chance for you to socialize with your peers. With that said, there is no shortage of golf in Destination Nackawic. The Mactaquac Golf Course is a scenic, tree lined golf course that features 18 holes ranging in difficulty and a driving range to warm up on. You can take full advantage of this course and its amenities with seasonal memberships. Alternatively, the Nackawic Golf & Country Club is a beautifully maintained 9 hole course. Experience a combination of leisure and competitiveness on this course. Plus, you can look forward to their weekly Ladies and Men’s Nights!
  • Nature trails are an innate feature to the Destination Nackawic region and are key to maintaining an active lifestyle. Hiking the many trails throughout the region provides for another exceptional, low impact form of exercise. On top of the beauty that comes with hiking our nature trails, there are also several health benefits. Incorporating walking in your daily routine can lower risks of illness and disease and help improve physical abilities. Additionally, you can take advantage of these trails in the winter and try out cross country skiing or snowshoeing.
  • As Destination Nackawic surrounds the beautiful Saint John River, it provides for ample water activities. Take in the breathtaking view while reaping the benefits of living on or near the region’s waterfront. Swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and fishing all offer a healthy combination of physical activity and relaxation. You can dive deep into healthy retirement living in Destination Nackawic.

There is no shortage of active living opportunities that will contribute to a healthy retirement in the region. You don’t have to compromise a laid-back lifestyle for active living in Destination Nackawic!

Access with Ease

Although some people move to Destination Nackawic to slow down and find peace in the outskirts of town, its accessibility to city centres is considered an asset. The Trans-Canada Highway runs alongside the region, providing for quick and convenient transportation when necessary. The town of Nackawic is only a ~45-minute drive from Fredericton, the capital of the province. Traffic is considered an afterthought in Destination Nackawic, it makes going to appointments or shopping in town hardly a hassle. In addition to our region’s accessibility, real estate here is available and affordable. Downsizing in Destination Nackawic could be the next move in fulfilling your retirement dreams.

DNEDC Senior Housing Initiative 

Seniors living in a smaller community for most of their lives don’t typically want to have to relocate to a larger city to experience senior living accommodations. With that, small communities experience low inventory levels for senior care and retirement homes. The Destination Nackawic Economic Development Corporation has recognized the need for retirement living in the region and has put significant efforts into a senior housing initiative.

If you are considering retirement living in Destination Nackawic, garden homes could be the accommodation you have been searching for. Conveniently located in the heart of the town of Nackawic, these homes will have a picturesque view of the Nackawic waterfront. As safety is a priority, the senior friendly condos will feature one main floor, new appliances and fresh finishes. You can really make your condo feel like home with your furnishings and decor. In addition to accessibility, maintenance for your garden home is one less thing you’ll have to think about. Destination Nackawic is truly striving to deliver our seniors a worry-free living experience.

Destination Nackawic offers several desired amenities for those looking to settle into an ideal retirement community. The region’s quaint environment isn’t compromised for significant opportunity to be both physically and socially active. You can truly live the best of both worlds here. The Destination Nackawic Economic Development Corporation has been fortunate to work alongside the Town of Nackawic and the Regional Service Commission to develop a well-rounded senior housing initiative for the region. We strive to offer the seniors of Destination Nackawic and beyond, a place to live where they can enjoy retirement living to its fullest.